The Company SARL CUIR EXCELLENCE has chosen to offer in sale, its products to nonprofessional purchasers. This site is accessible by Internet at the following address: and This site is managed by SARL CUIR EXCELLENCE, a limited liability company with capital of Euros 10 000, registered under the number 321.155.590. These general terms govern without restriction the Products sales made by Just Campagne e-shop from the site

Article 1 - Scope of application - Acceptance by the customer

The General Terms of Sale specify the terms of order, payment, delivery and management of the possible returns of the Products ordered by the customers in their capacity as nonprofessional buyers on the site The General Terms of Sale are accessible at any moment on the site The Customer declares having studied the General Terms of Sales and accepted them by checking the box “I accept the General Terms of Sales” before the implementation of the procedure of on line order. These General Terms of Sale may be later modified; hence the version applicable to the purchase of the Customer is the one that is in force on the site on the date of placing the order.

Article 2 - Product Orders

Any order placed on the site constitutes the formation of a contract signed remotely between the Customer and Just Campagne e-shop, and necessarily implies the irrevocable acceptance by the Customer, without restriction or reservation, of the General Terms of Sale. So that the Customer knows the Products which it wishes to buy before placing the order, the / site describes the features of the Products offered in the sale. In particular, the site describes the specifications, illustrations and indications, of dimensions or capacity of the Products. The Customer is distinctly responsible for the choice and the purchase of a Product. The purpose of the photographs and graphics presented on the site is to illustrate the Products offered in the sale and are non-contractual. The customer must refer to the description of each Product in order to know their properties and features, in particular the features sought and the desired size. The offers of Products are within the limit of stocks available. The information on the availability of the Products are provided while placing the order. The sale will be considered as final only when Just Campagne e-shop sends to the Customer the confirmation of the acceptance of the order by e-mail and collects the total price. The Customer can track his order on the site (in customer area, ‘my placed orders') and contact the Customer service of the site on +33 (0) 5 3 54 81 (Number not charged).

Article 3 - Prices and payment terms

The prices are indicated and payable in Euro on the site and are all inclusive of taxes (all inclusive of tax, including the VAT at the rate applicable on the day of the order). These prices take into account possible reductions which would be authorized by Just Campagne e-shop. The prices do not include the delivery charges; the customer is informed of the delivery charges amount while placing the order, and has access to it throughout the order procedure. The Products in the sale are billed on the basis of the going rate during the validation of the order by the customer. The price indicated while placing the order and the confirmation by Just Campagne e-shop is the final price. The Product offers are valid as long as they are visible on the site, within the limit of stocks available. Just Campagne e-shop reserves the right to modify the prices at any moment. During their order, the Customers are asked to make sure that the price of the Products to which they refer corresponds correctly to the price appearing on the updated page of the site and not on an out-of-date page which they would have accessed by an Internet search in “hidden" mode. The data communicated by the Customer and registered by the site during the ordering constitute the proof of the transactions between Just Campagne e-shop and the Customer. After validation of the order by the Customer, Just Campagne e-shop will send an e-mail of confirmation to the Customer to notify him that the order was in fact registered. The total price of the Products bought is payable in cash, on the day the order was placed by the Customer. Just Campagne e-shop is not obliged to proceed with the delivery of the Products ordered by the Customer if the price has not been settled in full. The ownership of the Products is transferred to the Customer only after he fully pays the price. The transfer of risks of loss and deterioration of the Products will be done on delivery and receipt of the Products by the Customer. The delivery charges are indicated on the site and are expressed all inclusive of charges. The Customer is responsible for these charges which are billed in addition to the sale price of the Products. The Customer will be informed about the delivery charges related to his order before the final registering of his order, and the payment will be requested from the Customer for the entire amount of the purchase.

Article 4 – Delivery

The Products purchased by the Customer will be shipped within 3 business days minimum up to 6 weeks maximum for customised orders following the day of the order to the address indicated by the Customer while placing his order on the site In the event of time exceeding the thirty day limit, not justified by an emergency, the Customer can request the cancellation of the sale under the conditions envisaged in article L. 114-1 of the Consumption code and obtain a refund of the sums paid during the sale. Excepting special case or unavailability of one or more Products, the ordered Products will be delivered in one go. The Customer must check the condition of the delivered Products. He has a 7 days deadline as from the delivery to send by e-mail to the following address: [email protected], any reservations or complaints for nonconformity or visible defect of the delivered Products, with all the related justifying documents. Beyond this deadline and in the event that he does not conform to these formalities, the Products will be considered to be in conformity and free from any visible defect and no complaint can be validly accepted by Just Campagne e-shop. Just Campagne e-shop will replace as soon as possible and at its expenses, the delivered Products whose visible defects or defects of conformity will have been duly proven by the Customer. In the event of return following an error of delivery, any Product not in conformity should be returned accompanied by the Delivery Note to Royal Trading - Just Campagne - 53 rue du Galinier - 81200 Mazamet - France. The Product not in conformity will be refunded within a period of 7 days as from the reception of the returned article. The expenses of sending and return of the Product not in conformity will be borne by Just Campagne e-shop. The carriage costs are free. Custom duties, if they applied, are to be paid by the client.

Article 5 – Right to withdraw

In accordance with the law, the Customer has a 14 days withdrawal period as from the delivery of the Products return those to Just Campagne e-shop on completion of an exchange or refund, except for customised products. The customer can return the Product bought within the above mentioned time, the date appearing on the delivery note being taken as valid, subject to the respect of the following conditions: a) The Products cannot be customised products, they must be returned in their country of origin and complete, permitting remarketing in the new condition, accompanied by the shipping memo which was in the dispatch. b) The Products must be returned to the following address: Royal Trading - Just Campagne 53 rue du Galinier, 81200 Mazamet - France. Just Campagne e-shop advises its customers to subscribe to a tracking option of the parcel in order to avoid any inconvenience in the event of loss or theft of the Products during the return transport. c) The sums paid by the Customer, excluding the delivery charges and custom duties if they apply, will be completely refunded to him, by credit transfer on the account related to the payment card used within a 30 day maximum period as from the exercise of the withdrawal right. The Customer will be exclusively responsible for the return charges. d) In the event of partial return or not of Products having been the subject of a total promotional offer including one or more gifts, the gifts authorized by Just Campagne e-shop related to the purchase of one or more Products will have to be returned to Just Campagne e-shop. In the case where the customer keeps the Product(s) offered within the scope of the total promotional offer, they will be billed to him on the basis of their initial price. An additional invoice will be printed for this reason in the 15 days of the partial return of the Products and accessible in the customer space. e) In the event of partial return of Products having been the subject of a total promotional offer including reductions, the Products kept by the customer will be billed on the basis of their initial price, without promotion. An additional invoice will be printed for this reason in the 15 days of the partial return of the Products and accessible in the customer space. g) In the event of return of Products beyond the above mentioned period, the customer will not be able to exchange or be refunded and will be informed that the Products remain at its disposal in the warehouse for a 1 month period. On request of the customer the Products could also be sent back to him at his charge.

Article 6 - Data processing and liberties

The customer is informed that information relating to its order is subject to automated data processing. Pursuant to law 78-17 of January 6, 1978, it is pointed out that the personal data requested from the Customer are necessary for processing its order and are intended for an internal use by Just Campagne e-shop. As regards information relating to it, under the conditions envisaged by the law and the regulations in force, the customer has a right of access, modification, correction in his customer space and opposition by contacting the customer service by email to [email protected] The purpose of this automated data processing is to define a level of analysis of a transaction and to fight against fraud with the bank card. La Boutique Just Campagne may ask for supporting documents to the customer (identification papers in the name of the card holder, document in proof of residence, etc). If the customer refuses to communicate these documents or information, Just Campagne e-shop will cancel the order and will proceed with the refunding of the Product. If the payment is outstanding because of a fraudulent authorization of a bank card and irregular or untrue declarations of the customer then the contact details concerning the order associated with this outstanding payment will be entered in a payment incident file managed by Just Campagne e-shop.

Article 7 - Applicable law – Litigations

This contract is governed by the French law. All litigations arising from this contract, concerning its validity, its interpretation, its execution, its cancellation, their consequences and their continuations will be subject to the courts of competent jurisdiction under the conditions of common law.

Article 8 - Intellectual property

All the elements of the site by Just Campagne e-shop are and remain the exclusive intellectual property of Just Campagne e-shop or its supplier. In no case, the customer or any other entity is authorized to reproduce, exploit, repeat or use with for any purpose, even partially, the elements of the above mentioned Internet site. The company names, brands and characteristics of Products on the site are protected under the trade-mark law; the reproduction or the representation of whole or part of these elements is strictly prohibited.


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