Secure payment

Payment methods

The following payment methods are accepted on

- Banking card

- Credit card

- PayPal

- Voucher

- Gift card

Banking card (BC, Visa, MasterCard, American Express)

To complete any transaction, the Customer must indicate his card number, the expiry date, and CVV (Card Verification Value) number located on the back of the card (3 last digits).

By giving his banking information on the Website, the Customer authorizes SARL CUIR EXCELLENCE to debit his account with the order’s amount.


Select paypal as your payment method and input your username and password. You can then proceed with the paypal payment method of your choice.

Voucher or Gift Card

If you have a valid voucher, it will be listed in your account on the website. When completing your purchase, using the voucher will be offered as a payment option. You then need to select this payment method and deduct the voucher’s amount from the amount of your purchase. If the voucher’s amount is superior to the order, the remaining amount will be listed as another voucher in your account. If the amount of the voucher is inferior, the balance will have to be paid using another payment method.


All transactions made on are secure. PayPlug is overseeing the transactions’ security on a platform. This service is certified PCI DSS.

SARL CUIR EXCELLENCE doesn’t store your banking information after you order through the website.

Please be sure to check "https" is at the beginning of url’s payment page before providing your bank details. It certifies that the integrity and confidentiality of your data is well protected.

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