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Time over snap

There is this saying that a man doesn’t own a watch but keeps it for the next generation.

Our brand is based on the simple belief that women should also have an item of their own to cherish and transmit. And what better idea than a unique handcrafted bag to perpetuate style and freedom?

“ Elegance simply doesn’t fade. ”

High fashion from France

We take pride in our craftsmanship. We’ve inherited it from the world of saddlery, where the highest resistance standards are paired with everlasting chic. While our workshop is in the South of France, quality is our true North.

“ We handcraft every single piece. ”

Our idea of luxury

Excellence over distraction. We have one unique collection which has been transitioning to our times, a tweak at a time.

“ After all, doesn’t style always come down to great taste? ”

Souls make names

Azzedine Berkouk is the guiding hand behind Just Campagne. He’s a lover of all things well-made. An artisan who’s always kept smugness at bay.

Bonjour Paris

Our flagship boutique sits in the iconic district of St-Germain, Paris. Any stylish soul could basically plan a whole trip around the area, so fear not to say hello. Even the walk there will feel just like a treat.


Make it your very own!

Thread-to-monogram full bag personalisation

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