It all starts near Montagne Noire, in southern France. There, in our workshops, we carry on a savoir-faire passed down from the saddlery and leatherworkers. Our gestures are precise and meticulous.
At Just Campagne, we love beautiful creations; each piece is produced upon request and entirely handmade in our workshops. The guarantee of a high quality, unique and custom- made leather bag.
Why do we have such high standard? We want to create bags that will last for a lifetime, the kind of bags that are handed down over time because of their high quality...

A Just Campagne bag can last forever

Azzedine was a free man who loved crossroads. A man who wanted to write his own story and leave his own legacy, his own imprint.
After working for well-known brands, he followed his heart and intuition and created Just Campagne in 1987. Just Campagne is the perfect tribute to nature, travel, and the beauty of women around the world.
His credo? Exception. His creations are neat and his attention to detail has made the house’s reputation. For more than thirty years, Azzedine designed refined collections, shaped by time and women’s lives.
Azzedine used to fancy the idea that women would use his bags, line them with memories and pass them on from one generation to the other.

Thirty years later.
Thomas and Sophie are Azzedine’s nephew and niece, they grew up among leather trims, the smells of workshops, and their uncle’s travel stories. Both of them love beautiful pieces, family stories that are written over the course of generations and leatherwork.
Inheriting the Just Campagne house? Neither of them had dared dream of it. Yet... Life can be good sometimes. They are eager to share what their uncle passed on to them and shape the future of Just Campagne. For the story to last forever... and ever.

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A bag should enhance the look, make it elegant.

Born in France. Made for the world.

We take pride in our craftsmanship. We’ve inherited it from the world of saddlery, where the highest resistance standards are paired with everlasting chic. While our workshop is in the South of France, quality is our true North.

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Chic downtown or in the countryside. Panier is inspired by Spartan shoes and is one of our most iconic pieces. It evokes strolling, sunny afternoons/Sundays in the countryside. You can change the interchangeable fabric interior to match the seasons and your moods.

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Simply chic Confort is inspired by beach bags from the 50s. It has a simple design, enhanced by a sophisticated finish that makes it stand out. It’s the perfect travel partner to carry your essentials everywhere.

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